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Winter Brushes and Stamps

Oh the things you can make with this brush set! This set comes with brush stamps and shaped brushes that follow the direction of the brush. Make wreaths, corner flourishes, and garlands. Decorate cards, make wall art, and add beautiful details to your memory keeping layouts.

Brushes in the Set

This listing is for a 17 piece digital brush set. Designed to “do the heavy lifting” when it comes to digital watercolor wreaths, these brushes are all about function. Here’s a quick overview of the brushes in the set:

  1. Each brush in the set is labeled for functional use (rather than for brush shape). For example, “stems”
  2. The brushes in the set are:
    • Watercolor Paper Texture
    • Pine Cone
    • Poinsettia Center (works as berry cluster, too)
    • Poinsettia Leaves (for behind the Poinsettia)
    • Ribbon Stamp (to simulate a ribbon weaving in and out of the wreath)
    • Wreath Ribbon 2 Colors (Apple pencil required for two-color pressure activated dynamic)
    • Bow
    • Berry Clusters
    • Pine Cone Bunch (3 cones in a bunch that follow the brush, but are a good distance apart)
    • Long Stems (to add your own stems)
    • Wreath-Sticks
    • Wreath-Branches
    • Wreath-Pine
    • Wreath-Fir
    • Wreath-Sticks & Berries
    • Wreath-Laurel
    • Wreath-Holly

About Our Products

Our products are:

  • Designed for artists of all levels
  • Supported by user-friendly videos
  • Made to share with one additional person (please see our terms, below)



This product is for the Procreate iPad App.

Download Details

All files for this product will be available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD shortly after purchasing. No tangible/physical products will be mailed to you.

The download will include one 19MB Zip file with:

  • The brush set (It's a .brushset file, so no need to download individual brushes)
  • Product terms
  • A little note from me
  • Information about how to give the product as a gift

System Requirements

You will need proper software and devices to download, unzip, and use the product files. For example, you will need:

  • A current version of the Procreate App
  • An iPad with iOS 13.2 that can run the current version of Procreate
  • An Apple Pencil that works with your iPad is required for the Wreath Ribbon 2 Colors brush (to utilize the pressure dynamics of the brush).

Special Terms

Digital Art Supplies for You, Plus-1

Per the terms, below, THIS PRODUCT IS MADE TO SHARE with One Other Person! ☺

Do you know of someone else that might enjoy this product, too? Crafting is so much more fun when done with a friend or family member. That is why you may share this product with one other person. Which means you can purchase this product as a gift and keep a copy for yourself, too!

Learn more about the ways to give this product as a gift within the Frequently Asked Questions tab (right).


AS THE PURCHASER or AS A RECIPIENT OF THIS PRODUCT GIVEN AS A GIFT, you may create end-use products for sale, but you may not claim this product as your own, or alter, or sell, or redistribute this product in any way except as specified by these terms. You may not repackage digital files in part or in whole for redistribution.

AN END USE PRODUCT IS a work that incorporates Digital Elements, Graphics, and Kits as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than this product.

The copyright stays with LizNessDesigns/Liz Ness/Elizabeth Ness. Please see the full Terms of Service and Use for more information. By purchasing/obtaining this product, you agree to the terms listed above and the full terms of use.

©LizNessDesigns/Liz Ness/Elizabeth Ness | All Rights Reserved


A PURCHASER and only a purchaser may give the digital files for this product to 1 (and only one) additional person. However, A RECIPIENT OF THIS PRODUCT GIVEN AS A GIFT may NOT redistribute this product in any way.

The copyright stays with LizNessDesigns/Liz Ness/Elizabeth Ness. Please see the full Terms of Service and Use for more information. By purchasing/obtaining this product, you agree to the terms listed above and the full terms of use.

©LizNessDesigns/Liz Ness/Elizabeth Ness | All Rights Reserved

About Refunds

Refund Policy

Since this is a digital product, I do not accept cancellations, allow refunds, or make exchanges. However, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. And, if anything goes awry, please let me know so that I can help troubleshoot and get things back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Your Product

Since these products are digital, you will not receive any printed products or any products in the mail.

Upon purchasing a product from the shop, and as soon as your payment has cleared, you will receive an email with a download link for retrieving your new files. In that email will be a link to the download page. In addition, you may log in and visit your "My Account" page to access your downloads.

Video Tour of the Purchase Experience

Video Tutorial for Downloading & Installing Brushes

How to Give a Product as a Gift

Share the product with one other person (your Plus-1) by:

  • Forwarding the email you received (with the link to the download) to your person
  • Downloading the Zip file (under My Account > Downloads) and sending that

But, there is a third option that's a little more involved. And, it's what I tend to do:

  • Step 1: Download the Zip file (under My Account > Downloads)
  • Step 2: Move it to Dropbox (or some other cloud service)
  • Step 3: Create a shareable link, copy it, and send that to your Plus-1

One of the reasons I like this third approach is that I can send the link in an eCard (or create a bitly link and write that link down in a physical card) and give that to my friend or family member.


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