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Get creative with a friend or family member and Procreate supplies you can share with a plus one—human or cat.


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How it Works

Shareable digital art supplies work like this:

  1. You purchase a quality Procreate brush (or stamp) set from Liz Ness
  2. Then, you send the digital files to a friend/family member (check out our Terms)
  3. AND, you keep a copy for yourself, too

Create Together. Thrive Together.
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About Our Products

Our products are:

  • Designed for artists of all levels
  • Supported by Liz and a growing library of easy-to-follow tutorials
  • About sharing. It's true, we encourage you to share your purchases with one other person*
  • Meant to support your business—you and your plus-1 may make and sell products with art you've made using our brushes and supplies*
*Please see our terms for details.

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