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Time Spent with Cats Creating Is Never Wasted

Get creative with a friend or family member and Procreate supplies you can share with a plus one—human or cat.


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Stay Connected: Create Together to Thrive Together

Save Time: Learn the Ropes with Easy-to-Follow Videos

Save Money: Buy a Supply and Share It with a Friend

Crafting with family and friends can feel so energizing. It's a great way to beat winter (and Covid) blues.

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...and get crafty with someone special

How it Works

Shareable digital art supplies work like this:

  1. You purchase a quality digital supply from Liz Ness
  2. Then, you send the digital files to a friend/family member
  3. AND, you keep a copy for yourself, too

Create Together. Thrive Together.
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We don't just care about user-friendly, well-made supplies.

We Care about You!

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After installing the Procreate app on your iPad, get started with our freebies and easy-to-follow tutorials:

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Instruction and Digital Art Supplies for Crafting on Your iPad with Procreate

It might be what we sell, but there is so much more to our Procreate brushes. Our well-design products are:

  1. Simple and meant for artists of all levels
  2. Supported by easy-to-follow tutorials
  3. About sharing. With our terms, we encourage you to share your purchases with a plus one

And, if you have trouble with any of your downloads, Liz is an email away and ready to provide help and support.

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